The Arwen app is available on Testnet if you'd like to try it out before trading Mainnet coins.

Testnet Disclaimers

* Please review instructions carefully. Arwen is not responsible for misuse of coins *

To use Arwen on Testnet, click the "Switch to Testnet" button at the bottom of the login screen, or on the Settings screen. 

Important Note: Remember to only use testnet coins while running Arwen in testnet 

Testnet Wallet

To use Arwen on Testnet, you also need a wallet that supports Testnet coins. 

Below are third-party wallets that are not affiliated with Arwen. 

Please note that these wallets offer support for both Mainnet and Testnet. 

Testnet Coins

You can get testnet coins at any of these faucets:

Faucets not working?  Request coins at

Questions? Email